in association with UK Asian Business Council

The Brand & Leadership Conclave 2017

London, October 2017

In Association with India Today TV

Process Reviewers for Most Admired & Valuable Brands- PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)


As Asia continues to grow from strength to strength, it offers valuable opportunities for multinationals to explore Asian countries as fast-emerging markets; and also for Asian companies which are expanding globally. In last couple of decades, Asia has emerged as the most appealing market for the rest of the world. Many promising Asian brands are aggressively expanding their horizon, giving a cut-throat competition to foreign multinational brands and putting Asia strongly on the global corporate map. It remains the prime endeavour of White Page International to put up platforms where these brands can interact with each other, showcase and share their success stories.

At the onset, we have successfully launched the Research and Brand Publication "Asia's Most Admired Brands 2014-15" co-creating the brand value with Ernst & Young as process advisors, and India's Most Admired Brands 2016-17 with PricewaterhouseCoopers as Process Reviewers.


  • The Brand & Leadership Conclave 2017 is set to feature the voyage of prominent brands and leaders from Asia & the UK. It highlights the valuable, sustainable, reliable and passionate brands that have redefined consumer expectations, created a value for its products & services and have dwelled in each possibility to create a sense of trust among its consumers.
  • It also instigates to honor and bring forth the "Inspirational Leaders" known and not-so-known Personalities, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who have led from the front, to elevate these brands to the stature of Valuable Brand.

It is these visionaries that we look out for, who saw tomorrow and stamped their mark on the hearts and minds of their end users and have helped built the society we live in today. These brands are now slowly & gradually striving to become an invincible force in the times to come.



  • It outlines new opportunities for brand expansion by reinforcing the remarkable anecdotes of the Valuable brands from Asia & some of the most "Inspirational Leaders of India".
  • It strives to put the unparalleled capability of media offerings coupled with its brand building expertise, such as a coffee table book format, a dedicated portal and broadcast format in the course of featuring on one of the foremost business channels, helping to create an iconic brand identity.


Research Listings to be unveiled

  • Most Valuable Brands

    The Most Valuable Brands is the world's largest multi-format platform for branding. It is an international independent platform that recognizes and pays tribute by rewarding and reinforcing the remarkable stories of most valuable brands from the UK, Asia & Middle East and premieres such initiatives to be presented as a a feature in a coffee table book, a dedicated digital portal, a series of episodes on one of the leading news channels, further enhanced by extensive social media promotion and a grand conclave.

  • Asia's Most Valuable Brands:

    Asia's Most Valuable Brands details a total of 200 most valuable brands from different countries of Asia that have been chosen on various parameters like growth in the last one year, customer based brand equity, brand value proposition, innovation, sustainability and social impact.

  • UK's Most Valuable Brands:

    A research based listing of 30 Most valuable brands of United kingdom.

  • Inspirational Leaders of Asia

    Inspirational Leaders is an attempt to salute brand makers for endowing to the rapid growth of their respective countries in Asia and inspiring millions endlessly. This special feature series captures entrepreneurs, business leaders, revealing the inside story as to how determination, hard work and belief constructed their empire from the ground up. This endeavors to unfold the driving force behind this transformational journey, achieved so far by inspirational brands & business leaders, who’ve shouldered their respective countries into the 21st century.

  • Most Admired Brands
  • 10 Special awards for special achievement



    • Brand TV Series: 10 special half-hour brand-centric episodes as a part of this series:
      Duration: Each original episode will be 30 minutes with exclusive content of 24 minutes. Ad Breaks + Content programming = 30 minutes.
    • A brand shall be given a dedicated slot of 15 mins airtime to showcase its Brand Story.
    • Total Episodes = 10 Original + 10 Repeat Telecasts; Half-Hour Brand-Centric Episodes on India Today TV and CNN News18
  • Special 1 Hour event telecast.



  • An exclusive innovation driven coffee table book.
  • Listing in Forbes.
  • Print PR


  • Coverage on social media platforms.
  • Listing and an exclusive page on
  • Digital PR

Felicitation Ceremony

  • Unveiling the Coffee Table Books
  • Celebrating the success stories of selected brands and leaders.
  • Keynote speeches by Industry Experts.
  • Panels Discussions
  • Felicitation & Awards

Dinner and Networking at the House of Lords, Westminster, London, United Kingdom.




Prof. Malcom McDonald

MA(Oxon) MSc PhD DLitt DSc

Until 2003, Malcolm was Professor of Marketing and Deputy Director of Cranfield University School of Management, with special responsibility for E-Business. He is a graduate in English Language and Literature from Oxford University, in Business Studies from Bradford University Management Centre, and has a PhD from Cranfield University. He also has a Doctorate from Bradford University and from the Plekhanov University of Economics in Moscow. He has extensive industrial experience, including a number of years as Marketing and Sales Director of Canada Dry. Until the end of 2012, he spent seven years as Chairman of Brand Finance plc.

He spends much of his time working with the operating boards of the world's biggest multinational companies, such as IBM, Xerox, BP and the like, in most countries in the world, including Japan, USA, Europe, South America, ASEAN and Australasia.

He has written forty six books, including the best seller "Marketing Plans; how to prepare them; how to use them", which has sold over half a million copies worldwide. Hundreds of his papers have been published.

Apart from market segmentation, his current interests centre around the measurement of the financial impact of marketing expenditure and global best practice key account management. He is an Emeritus Professor at Cranfield and a Visiting Professor at Henley, Warwick, Aston and Bradford Business Schools.

In 2006 he was listed in the UK's Top Ten Business Consultants by the Times

Ashish Bhasin

Chairman & CEO Dentsu Aegis Network South Asia and Chairman Posterscope and MKTG - Asia Pacific

Ashish Bhasin is a well-known personality in the Advertising & Media industry in Asia Pacific, for the past 28 years. He is presently Chairman & CEO Dentsu Aegis Network South Asia and Chairman Posterscope and MKTG - Asia Pacific. He is also a member of the Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific Executive Board.

Prior to this, Ashish successfully led and set up several of Lintas India's (IPG) businesses and also had the global role of Executive Vice President, Lowe Worldwide and Asia Regional Director for Integrated Marketing.

Rohit Ohri

Group Chairman & CEO, FCBUlka Group

As Chairman & CEO, FCBUlka Group, Rohit Ohri leads FCBUlka Advertising and all group agencies of FCB in India. He serves as a member of the global operating committee and reports directly to Carter Murray in New York. He is one of the CEOs helping to guide the global company. Based out of Gurgaon, Rohit leads FCBUlka's organisational and overall growth strategy in India. Rohit has nearly twenty-six years of experience in advertising communications. Under Rohit's leadership, Dentsu India became the fastest-growing operation in the world. Prior to Dentsu, Rohit headed the Delhi office of JWT India. The office grew rapidly and became one of the most profitable offices of JWT globally.

Taha Coburn-Kutay

Chairman Of UK Asian Business Council (UKABC) United Kingdom (UK)

Taha is the Chair of UK Asian Business Council (UKABC). In addition, he is the President of Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) International, UK and the Managing Director of Monkey Consulting Ltd, where he specialises in international business development and marketing focusing on the following sectors:
Media | Technology | Healthcare | Renewable & Green Energy | Education & Sports | Real estate

Manoj Abraham Mathew

Chief Operating Officer - Middle East, North Africa, Zee Entertainment Middle East FZ - LLC

Manoj A Mathew is the chief operating officer at Zee Network (Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey). He has over 20 years experience in the media, marketing and advertising business, of which 13 are in international markets that include Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Manoj has spent his last 10 years with Zee Network, handling various portfolios, including their foray into the Arabic TV business with Zee Aflam and Zee Alwan.

Sunil Lulla

Chairman & Managing Director, Grey Group India

Sunil brings depth and width of experience spanning over 30 years across multiple industries to GREY Group - India as its chairman & managing director. Sunil has spent over a decade in advertising and 16 years in television broadcasting. He has been a prominent member on many boards and forums of the broadcasting industry where he shaped policies and set industry standards and best practices.

Oliver Eills

Managing Director-Publicitas, Americas (North America, Latin America, Canada)

Oliver has dedicated his professional life to transnational marketing and advertising. Since 2007, he has worked for Publicitas, the world's leading overseas media specialist, working with corporate clients and advertising agencies to develop sophisticated media solutions, in collaboration with media partners, in all corners of the world. He has been privileged to work with some of the most-trusted and globally respected media brands: The Washington Post, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, NIKKEI and The Times, to name a few. In 2011, he was promoted to Managing Director of Publicitas's UK operations. In 2013, he relocated to the UAE to focus on developing Publicitas's newly-launched Middle East office.

Kavita Lakhani

President, GolinOpinion

A seasoned communications professional, Kavita has to her credit two decades of experience in public elations. She assumed national responsibilities at LinOpinion GolinHarris in 2003. Since then, the firm's business has more than quadrupled in size and consistently retained a significant double-digit margin. Recruiting and career development for the firm's greatest asset - its talent - are Kavita's chief responsibilities.


Highlights from the previous edition



  • Coffee Table Book- a 2-page advertorial feature about the brand in the Coffee Table book highlighting the journey and the story from evolution to revolution. The advertorial will be done by our expert editorial team and will be subject to approval by the brand. As a part of the custom distribution plan for the coffee table book, we can create a customized jacket and send the book to your dealers, distributors, investors, shareholder etc.
  • Listing/ Feature in one of the editions of Forbes Magazine.
  • 2 page advertorial feature about the Business Leader in the Coffee Table Book in an inspirational editorial format showcasing his/her journey in the respective industries in India.
  • Listing in the press releases pre and post event to be covered in various print media in India & London
Few samples of coffee table books of previous editions-
Coffee Table Books & Other Print Coverage



  • 30 minute feature in the Brand TV series on India Today 15 minutes original & 15 minutes repeat telecast. Production to be done by TV Channels.
  • 900 seconds of promos promoting the episode from Wednesday to Saturday
  • Feature in a special one hour episode telecasting the event.
  • Media byte of the spokesperson on the special one hour episode on India Today TV post event.
  • Usage rights of the episode.
  • Raw data to be provided to the brand.
Few episodes on selected brands-
TV Series on CNN News 18- One Episode



  • Online promotion of the TV show on various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Linkedin)
  • An exclusive page on the portal (for reference please visit with a hyperlink to the brand's website. The page will have regular editorial updates, social media updates, etc. The portal will be regularly promoted through SEO, social media and other modes of digital marketing.
  • Listing & feature in the press releases pre & post event in various online media platforms.


Conclave Deliverables

  • Felicitation of the Brand as Most Valuable Brand along with a certificate of recognition.
  • Felicitation of Business Leader as Most Inspirational Leader along with a certificate of recognition.
  • Opportunity to be a panellist in one of the panel discussions to be held at The Brand & Leadership Conclave 2017 which shall be covered in a special one hour episode on India Today TV.
  • Speaking opportunity at The Brand & Leadership Conclave 2017


Coverage by Multiple Media Houses-
Most Admired Brands covered by Multiple Media Houses


Other Deliverables

  • Logo Usage Rights- The right to use the logo of Most Valuable Brand mentioning the country of selection in Asia. The logo can be used by the selected brand in all modes of its communication, both internal and external. The logo will have a mention of the year of selection and the process reviewer.
  • 5 complimentary coffee table books.
  • 3 invites to the event.


Research Report
  • - A research report by PwC giving an insight on the process and selection of the brand.


Conclave Attendee Profile

On-Ground Conclave:

- Our Esteemed Jury Panel shall be a part of the Ceremony in the form of eminent personalities Prof Malcolm McDonald, Mr. Rohit Ohri, Mr. Ashish Bhashin, Mr. Sunil Lulla, Ms. Kavita Lakhani to name a few.

- Luminaries of marketing, advertising, corporate leaders from different industries and backgrounds, CEO's, entrepreneurs, VIPs will be marking their esteemed presence in this summit.

- Representation from UK Parliament & others, few attendees are as follows:
Mr. GP Hinduja (Hinduja Group), Mr. Y K Sinha (High Commissioner, India), Mr. Rajesh Agarwal(Dy. Mayor, Business London), Mr. Anand Kumar (Dy. CEO Union Bank of India, UK), Dr. Annette Prandzioch, (COO Royal Common Wealth Society) Mr. Pete Patel (Cofresh), Mr. Vijay Goel (Singhania & Co), Mr. John Holland- Kaye (CEO Heathrow), Lord Swaraj Paul, Lord Billimoria, Lord Sheikh, Mr. Alok Sharma & Mr. Virenda Sharma (Members of Parliament), Baroness Sandip Verma & Ushar Prashar.



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